Sunday, July 18th 2010 • "Bounce Groove"

We start to work more in the evening, I start to feel the more and more in my creativity element.

We keep intently in “Elements”, a shot of Bouncing Dream Dark House Grooves, in some kinda way the Tech, Trance and of course Tribal variables are visible in this Production. The half job is done so far for this 4th Project.

Was a great and very creative day I am getting closer to my Fundamental Element. This Production signature is a very unique touch again.


Hey Nels :o)
It is so cool to be able to read the blog of your time in Bangalore producing.  It gives a nice peek into your mind's process to create music.  It's way cool.  I know that what you share is only the tip of the iceberg for what happens in your complex musical mind.  I appreciate the sharing of your musical gifts.  For you, I think SL has served its purpose.  I believe that your RL music career will continue its forward progress.   Yay!!!!!  I am hoping that your SL fans embrace RL Nelson so that they can stay connected to the spirit of the man behind the image of Nilson.  :o)  Growth is important for all of us.
Thank You for Your Commitment,

icemoon's picture

Great to see you all following the Growth of  ICEMOON RECORDS® AlphaProject™

It is always a pleasure to share my work, dreams, trips, visions, ambitions or convictions. You very Welcome ;)

Whatever I did this last pasted 2 years is and always will be Nelson Branco aka DJ Icemoon the crazy Alien Mind sharing hes Dreams in all kinda ways according to our generation and bring some changes to it.

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