Saturday Jul, 17th 2010 • Fundamental Elements

Saturday Jul, 17th 2010 – 04:49am
The inspiration of “Pursuance” was the key to build up the 4th Track “Fundamental Elements”. Based on the 8th beat this track, the House Bounce Groove it self's. It Grooves between House and Trance notes into a Mystery Half Psycho Accents. A really Dream Spectrum, kinda Dark Feeling again on this Production.

The more I work on tracks, the more I see my deepest needs, this album is the deepest primitive side of Icemoon, kinda groovy but u feel the wildness as I do, no doubt.

Saturday Jul, 17th 2010 – 16:22min
I have decided to take 2 days break, Lovv must have need them too... but this "Pursuance" still hunting me in my dreams..

Saturday & Sunday we are supposed to make a break to get some fresh creativity Monday, but I spend my time taking notes for retails of “Pursuance” & “Elements”, I just feel my self good doing it.

Sunday Jul, 18th 2010 – 06:05am
Can't get no sleep... “Pursuance” this track never will die..

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