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Ones u reach a certain level in life where the success is just between you the other side of some bridge.. there is a moment where the life looks like anything else but a simple chaos.. the only things remains is You and Yourself.. how hard could be the path through that bridge.. With the Artist born the Underground Community.. fruits of hes ruthlessness determination and convictions.. source of motivation and creativity.. things we realize and discover once we look around and behind us.. proud of the achievement..continues the quantized fierce hunting.

Theorem of economic conversion.. remains the positive of the negative - Nelson Branco 2012


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This bridge is completely occupying my thoughts today. Stay still and quiet at this spot. Memorize the view. The feel. The smell. The emotions. Once you start the crossing, the view of it will get smaller and dimmer. Once you reach the other side you might not be able to see where you started from. But it's in your head and your heart. Some people forget to commit to memory. I know you won't but I say anyway. Some will hold your hand as you walk across. Some won't have the courage. I can see your bridge.