Tuesday Jul, 6th 2010 • Kinda Off Day

I took finally off today, Ram keep working on the mastering of "Old School Frequency".

I keep listen to “Influences and Old School Frequency's Composer Editions” I sleep on it, I wake up on it, I leave with them daily and I just can't get enough from it, just loop and play...

Had my Black Café today with nice cane sugar..lol. You people can't believe me what all we can find in a simple shop middle of Bangalore, people here are really smart and make me welcome anywhere i step, is a nice feeling get be welcome like that, the folk's humble is just awesome.

Lovve Mehta is a fucking genius, we collaborate as 2 Twins on the Alpha Project Tracks. We listen to them over and over again and we never got enough, that's right, “when you know what you love, you never get enough

I feel more relaxed this last 2 days for some unknown reason, the off day is doing good, but when I realize.. there is no way to keep me away from music, lmao! However... the more I compose the more I get a better sleep.. I can remember my dream on today, was a long time a go I cud not remember them ;) like a fucking black-out... “Black-out” probably the name of the next track, we should start it tomorrow the Jul 7th  “All Good!” Lmao*

What a nice off-work day lmao.. i am working all day on the blog listen to this tunes i just made, i got finally the time for it ,) Thx for understanding, i will try to follow it daily so soon as possible.

Had some bad trip with a sea food here, looks like it was not the season for lmao ;) I am sometimes suborned, the Black Café seams to make hes effect and heal my stomach ;)

Drop hugs all over the spot to all my friends and fans keep grooving and don't let the party's die, cause the music will do it.


I have heard that quote flow from your lips.  "When you know what you love, you never get enough."  What else, and who else do you love, besides your music?  I Love You first, then your music.  I can never get enough of either...  :o)

It's great to be able to follow your progress with this blog.
Missing you guys, SLs not the same without a hot Icemoon show!

Rien de tel que de vivre sa passion à fond. Tu crées des choses exceptionnelles que j'adore. Je t'encourage du plus profond de mon coeur à continuer et à persévérer. Tu es sur le chemin de la réussite.
Je t'aime FORT. Bisous.

It is soooo good to see peeps coming to your site to blog their support.  Yay!!!  Now its getting more of that International flavor that is reflective of you and your music.  C'est tres beaux.  However, you are still not out of the woods, et en retard avec le blog.  lol  Une Semaine...exactement.  LOL  Move ur Ass  Nelson Branco.  Your fans are waiting.  Huggles and... :o)
P.S.  Now we need the Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Germans to blog their support...and any other languages/countries that I missed.  Come on peeps!  Time to chime in :o)

Hello Nelson Im glad you are enjoying your trip, and your blogs make for interesting reading 
keep up the good work, And we all miss the Icemoon Mix

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Hey People, thanks for the comments ;)

I really try to update the website blog version but is a bit complicate, there always is a solution to anything, self a interpretation of the composer blog he he... so soon as I clean up the technical bored stuff, the blog looks a bit empty..looks like I was intense in this productions of the last 2 tracks, “Old School Frequency” & “Pursuance” was like working, sleeping on it, all the notes are bored technical notes and retails.

So I still working on the Public Version of the Blog and daily the Blog is even bigger, don't worries you people go have the time to enjoy each detail of it, make sense if it is late but right ;)

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