Sunday Jul, 4th 2010 • Theory of Operation

Today I started my day as usual, the new track is go'ta be “the f*** vocal voice” but my head is still running on 2nd hot cue of “Influence” (can't get enough of it lol)..

Inspiration track for today is “show me love”.
Lovv called me today, he told me he come tonight, we work in the evening today. I take my time and get ready to be the most clearly possible at this track. To be honest we have done a great work on the influence in 2 days, even if I was not in my cultural English context.

Today I should be able to listen to some artist live and follow the castings for the next 3 days with Ram.

Theory of operation with Lovv Mehta:
We go continue-sly work on instrumentals till I can get my head clear of all this beats that don't let me sleep in the night. I think this way we can have a better productivity and clearly for sure faster.
Song of today is called “Frequency” , great building up frequency's based on dark dreaming grooves, some trance trips.

Parental Advisory Explicit Content