July 24th to 26th 2010 • "High Tensions"

Saturday Jul, 24th 2010 – 01:00pm till in the night around 01:00am
High tensions at the Studios, all about Mix & Mastering..

So far is the Production Steps concerning with Lovv Mehta we have done 4 awesome Tracks.

Sunday Jul, 25th 2010 – 05:50am
I keep enjoying my Tracks, Days starting to get really long and the content to analyze is even bigger every day. I don't need a break I had my Break before I came in India..but I have to rework all my state of conscience again... and this sucks.

It is 6am and I can't get no sleep today...

Sunday Jul, 25th 2010 – 08:00pm
Based on “Elements” Theory of Operation We have started a new track “shake it... that ass” with Lovv, Khussh Mehta was present as listener. We have done 8h of work on 32 beats loop lol..

Monday Jul, 26th 2010 – 05:00am
It is around 5am here and I have to say.. Every New Production with Lovv Mehta is a New and great Experience, a real pleasure work with that guy.

to be continue...

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