Friday Jul, 2nd 2010 • Hunting continue..

Mandira female vocal, came in the afternoon for casting. Now I had my first female voice example.
The party gave me inspiration in relation to the lyrics. I still work on it...


Dude :o)  You are like more than a week behind in your blog.  It is supposed to be like daily...We are eager for you to catch up so that we are current with whats going on with you there in India.  Please bring us up to speed so that we are current and may more closely follow your experience...or not.  lol

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Yes i am behind with the blog lol... i will fix this so soon as i can ;)* Viva Spain ;)*

The only team to win the World Cup after losing its first game at the world cup.  I predicted this one. lol  btw...They lost that game to Switzerland.  LMAO!!!

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