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Sun, Jan 10, 2010 - 12:33am

Nelson you music fills our souls and world. We love you no matter where you are...rl, club, makes no difference. It's all about the music, You create the universe of Icemoon! Of course having your own sim would take our SL experience to new heights and I can imagine what this world would be like as it already exists in my head! As you know, a sim is an expensive undertaking and requires constant energy to run and manage. Anything is possible with the right vision and plan. Whatever you choose to commit to, I am with you...just don't work me too hard!
~Forever inspired and moved by you
                                      ~Nicci Nikolaidis

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"Decrescendo" [SL] 136 @ Scoutloungeâ„¢

Sat, Jan 9, 2010 - 6:49pm

This Session is the "Decrescendo" path, taged [SL] 136 this session represent 100 songs remixed live in 4h~.
I will keep the play list for Internal Use.

Thank you Very much for listening, we was 100~ listeners, was a great party i had fun and was glad to share this 48h Set Composion work in this live session.

Special thanks to this Guest List*:

Axelle Burt, davide Verwood, Monica Redyard, Victoria Grau, Antonios Shelman, Marthina Eleonara, blueangel Gloom, Ismaele Yazimoto, Ricie Kappler, lorenzo1108 Varriale, Nashira Clarrington, dawnella Magic, Scoutlounge Magic, Emil Korda, Eriale Zhangsun, Ed Intikhab, clariss Paule, VeroniqueJoelie Varriale, Pepeillo Cyberstar, Robert Carfield, Rita Ferina, Natalie Soulstar, Boy Niekerk, bombiyo2 Dembo, cesar28 Baxton, Rotti Beaumont, Yasmin Lichlore, Axelen Carlberg, Noctiluca Dix, flatron Cuttita, Monni Kanto, Anabella Wrigglesworth, Skyy Falconer, Robert88 Danitz, Denise Tigerauge, oscarpc21 Khalifa, nena64130 Juliesse, oAlice Huntress, Yasmina Shilling, Selina Silverfall, Xeth Sideways, Abby Loomslough, Ra Hansome, Pattko Carrasco, Leona Jayaram, Bull Inglewood, SpurShaft Nirvana, Nikolina Bulloch, Jacky Macpherson, Shani Sugar, Paddy Hoffnung, Cara Roxley, Donny Homewood, Mia Zenovka, Pluto Demonia, rosalinda Denver, saravenusia Pearl, Lexa Easterman, Rhayemma Tsunenaga, bigban Zehetbauer, era Tatham, Stunner Titanium, Lauren Dyrssen, Roman Hughes, Lori Stanton, Sole Violet, Almond Jaxxon, Yushka Ormega, sadie Mixmaster, Melia Claven, cooper Galli, Dakini Adamczyk, Mamon Karu, Collette Miles, Java Clip, dje Solo, NILE Foxdale, Delaine Pintens, rominacarla Fall, Luke Atlass, Adi Audebarn, Nicci Nikolaidis, brabo Batista, CHANEL Breil, Cat Sosa, Merchi Caproni, Eros Batista, Jolie Ceriano, Heez Harvey, Lamia Holmer, boss Paule, Tomb Snook, DIVA Macalroy, Inanna Aya, Tanngnosi Hadisson, BOBO Paolino, Aphrodite Corleone, Ladyzlove Mint, Mayzie Teardrop.

*(Gues list based on 40m Radios/300sec presence time.)

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Sim V's Club

Fri, Jan 8, 2010 - 8:01pm

Wow! I'm totally for either you choose, and whichever it is, I'm definately going to be there for sure: WOOOOOOOT!

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Sim vs Club

Fri, Jan 8, 2010 - 3:51am

 I think it is a great idea for you to be able to expand not just into a club but into a sim or region.  I support both ideas, I know you can bring in the people to help support the overall cost of having a Icemoon region.  If you decide to have a few plots available for residental , I would love to own/rent from you to help pay for such said cost...and the bonus for me would be to have DJ Icemoon's tunes in my own sl home 24/7. Woot that would be simply awsome!!

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Sim Region or Club

Thu, Jan 7, 2010 - 6:14pm

Hello Nelson,

  I guess ultimately it all comes down to cost , and depends on your Vision (what you want to build and present) and how many Prims you will need , or do you even need to do this?     Okay so first of All IF You can afford it , Buying Land is a wonderful thing to do in SL and especially if you have a set purpose for that Land. In fact Nelson I have always wondered why you havent invested in a Home Base, but this is up to you. The Notion(idea) of Ownership is a strange and interesting thing, You do not need Land To own a Social Space and my dear DJ you definately command a Huge Social Space. The impact of your Muisc is Immense and your Art is Pure Genius, and i knew this in my soul when i first found the Artsfacta After Club Space. I thought , this Music is different form what is usually Churned out in the hundreds of Clubs by Chop happy DJ;s who just dont know any better or by the kareoke House Jockeys who are only playing what i can already  hear on the Radio  Now im not putting them down so much as saying, That i would prefer to listen to your Magic, IceMoon, than listen to the many same same clones out there,   Im saying all this because It really doesnt matter where you are, or what club you are at or if you have land or not, because your Success is already assured. You own the hearts of those who hear and love you, and This is All you need , Like the Church it is not the Building but Its the people and Community.      Now i think you may know this already, You need a Home Base , place to Groove in and now You need to move on to Showing us your Universe, So yes is my answer Please do. As your Fan i will Always bring you support, and  if you have any statistics about youtr fans or can measure the Traffic that you get you will see that You Will be able to have a Club  that will bring in Clients and support in the way of Lindens to offset costs, You may also decide to include shop rentals or a residential section to a Sim to help bring in revenue(LIndens), You dont have the 'middle man' to worry about, You ARE the product so you dont have to pay anyone to sell you, unless you have advertising consultants.   A homestead Sim will cost much less than a region and has only 3750 Prims, compared to 15,000 Prims in the Region, A Homestead SIM =appox 30-40 US$ per week  and an Estate -FULL Region approx 80-90$US per week , also on the mainland its a bit cheaper than that but i hear it has more Lag ...You know all this but, Having a region gives you enough Prims to have shops and residences and Create The most amazing CLUB , If you choose a Homestead this would still be okay, you just will need to create something less extravagant,     Do You Know the movie 'Field of Dreams' ?  - There is a Quote from the Movie that I Love  The Movie is about a man, plagued and  with past failures and haunted by a lack of confidence  because of that, He hears this message over and over and the story evolves when he defeats his demons and believes in Himself and takes a  Positive Leap of Faith and builds what he needs to build. ~~~ different from you but an inspiring Quote this is the message he hears   " If you build it , He will come, "    meaning if you have Faith enough to follow your dreams and invest in them, (Destiny) The people will Follow and supports you and make it All complete and worthwhile. I have no doubt whatsoever that you WILL Succeed.    hahah if you dont then you have had a lot of enjoyment trying.    I propose that you could link in with Music Shops and equipment stores and sell their products in you shops or have this type of shop on your SIm or sell advertising space on your SIM either selling the space or ask them to sponsor your Venue and in turn you use their products or advertise them in your SIm/club/shops approach Big SL companies to do this, It may take some time but if you are successful they will also be successful.   Also You could sell your Fans a share in your SIM, in other words they sponsor you and you help them in some way, promote their shops or their talent, appear at their functions, etc etc there are ways and they could have some space on the sim, just small space like advertising space. Or a part of Future Profits. If money is not given from fans, they may be invited to support you in other ways, their talents, they can advertise, they can work as staff for you for Love not Lindens, Many  ways.   You see ultimately if your SIM becomes well known and successful on the business side you will attract lots of Traffic and people will want to be a part of it, this will translate to offline both in money and fame.   Nelson I know the Lindens dont mean as much to you as the Music does, yet This will be a Great way to get yourself and your Music Known  , All these social connections will Help. These are just some thoughts on the necessary practical and business side.     keeping this uppermost in your mind -   "   IF YOU BUILT IT,  THEY WILL COME   "       Thank you and All the Best,  and put my name down on the list, : ) i can't wait to see it happen,   Cheers ~Sanne Brune  


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Black Science Orchestra Mix....

Thu, Jan 7, 2010 - 6:55am

That is such a nice mix!!!!! New Jersey Deep '08.  The synthesizer with the drums is just...It  IS deep!  It makes you close your eyes and sway back and forth to the music...What an awesome groove.  For me, there is always one track that is mind-exploding...and unexpected.  Well on 95 there were many, but this is that track for me.  Fifty-five minutes into the session does not come soon enough, although every mix is so geniusly put together and molded into the work you call 134.  Thank you...can never say it enough :o)

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Sim vs. Club

Thu, Jan 7, 2010 - 3:27am

Hey Alien :o)
I totally support your having a sim and a club.  You already know the mechanics of managing/operating a sim.  You also were successful in implementing a plan to increase the flow of traffic to that sim. I have personally seen the structure of your implementation and see nothing but success coming from your next step; which is the realization of your vision.  I am totally on board with the Club AND Sim Idea.  There's where my opinion lies. :o)

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 DJ ICEMOON is a very

Wed, Jan 6, 2010 - 2:34am

 DJ ICEMOON is a very talented artist, his passion for music is felt and he shares this passion with all. I am thrilled  Nilson came to second life and allowed everyone hear the magic he mixes. One of the best DJ's, I have ever heard, and happy to also call  him my friend.

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Scoutlounge Ref's

Tue, Jan 5, 2010 - 12:39am

Hey Dizzit ,)
I was checking google for "icemoon scoutlounge" was surprised in good when i read this ,)
Cheers and happy new year!!

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Check out barbie ,)

Mon, Jan 4, 2010 - 8:02pm

Thank you, very much appreciated ;)
Suite :

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Outro ?

Mon, Jan 4, 2010 - 7:43pm

This Remix is a cut of the live Session 134 Second Life Editions. Outro?

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What a fun session! Yay!!!!

Sun, Jan 3, 2010 - 11:23am

Hey :o)  This session so shows your playful side.  I totally listen to it and laugh.  I love the way you share who and what you are through your music.  Im loving the evolution.  Again...Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sun, Jan 3, 2010 - 10:18am

Omg!  This was so much fun.  What a great crowd it was at Scout!  Thank you for the education.  You know I sooooo love drums.  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :o)

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Outro to 134

Sun, Jan 3, 2010 - 9:50am

Omg NIls!  What an incredible surprise!  Im so accustomed to your finishing mix being some clever remix of Faithless: Insomnia.  However, you totally blew me away with your remix of Daft Punk: Harder Better Faster.  It is so heart-pounding, and well mixed  that when you trailed off into the solo drum beat, I screamed at the screen "Noooooooo, dont stop!"  So now you know what my message is to all the wonderful composing that you do and share. "Noooooo, dont stop!"  :o)  Btw...I heard that you are getting a bigger better studio.  lol  Is that true?

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Drums Education Part II

Sat, Jan 2, 2010 - 3:58pm

Hi ppl ;)
This Session should be a 134B but for some reason is called 135.
Ultimate drums education part II. Enjoy.

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LIve in harmony with the

Thu, Dec 31, 2009 - 10:15am

LIve in harmony with the music is the best way of dealing with stress. Again You show that You are the BEST!!!

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Play List [SL] 134

Wed, Dec 30, 2009 - 3:20pm


22:59 : DJ Icemoon - House Intro (Final)
23:00 : Ananda Project - Where The Music Takes You
23:05 : Fish Go Deep - The Cure & The Cause
23:08 : Gene Farris - Black Satin
23:10 : Jon Cutler Ft E-Man - It's Yours (Jay J's Rmx)
23:11 : Jon Cutler Ft E-Man - It's Yours (T.Voc)
23:13 : Terry Hunter Ft T. Griffi - Wonderful
23:16 : Jezebels Addiction - Hyperdance
23:17 : Miguel Migs - So Far
23:19 : Alex Gomez - Cokeluch
23:22 : Andre Crom - Mdc1
23:25 : Andy Ward & Deep Josh - Sweetest Feeling
23:27 : Anthony Collins - Upright Bass
23:33 : Blaze - Lovelee Dae
23:35 : Boyz Ft Ron Carroll - Lex Empress
23:37 : Cevin Fisher - The Freaks Come Out
23:39 : Chuck Love - Beatdown
23:41 : Conan Liquid - The King
23:44 : Crystal Juice Ft Vanessa - Work It Out
23:48 : Cunnie Williams & M.Love - Saturday 2009
23:49 : Dca Project - Sandcastles
23:51 : Dick Ray - Olle Bien
23:56 : Dj Gomi Featuring L. Balo - Glad I Found You
23:59 : G. Lewis Ft Mjojo - Life Everlasting
00:01 : Halo & Kemal Ft A. Jarvis - Lift Me Up
00:05 : Hardsoul & Marnix - Generate Love
00:08 : Jabato & David Penn - En Mi Casa
00:09 : Jake Island & R.St-Ville - Real Love
00:10 : Jazzloungerz - Obsession
00:17 : Joey Negro - Shimmering Stars
00:19 : John Julius Knight - One Track Mind
00:22 : Mr.V - Yo
00:25 : Nick Curly - Play
00:29 : Open Air - Seven Nation Army
00:31 : Paul Gardner Ft Peyton - You Cant Hide From
00:33 : Priti Soul Music - Kokotaso
00:35 : Re-United - Sun Is Shining
00:37 : S.U.M.O - Bubble Soul Goodies
00:40 : Soydan - Running To The Beat
00:44 : Sunburst Band - We Will Turn You On
00:45 : Sybil - Don't Give Up
00:46 : Victor Casmir - Ro The Hous Beat
00:47 : Yogi And Husky - It Feel's Alright
00:50 : Yonurican - Boriken Soul
00:55 : Black Science Orchestra - New Jersey Deep '08
00:57 : Manuel Herrero - Addicted 2 Drums
01:01 : Quentin Harris & J.Walker - Can't Stop
01:02 : Ron Hall - The Way You Love Me
01:04 : Afromento - Human Wave
01:05 : Atfc Ft Rae - Giv Me Luv
01:07 : Bmitwh Gjs - Politically Correct Mix
01:11 : Chocolate Puma - Only Love Can Save Me
01:14 : Copyright Ft Imaani - Deeper
01:17 : Danism Ft Heidi Vogel - Try
01:21 : David Penn Ft D.J.Bell - Revolution
01:22 : Jerome Sydenham - Darkroom
01:24 : Jonathan Meyer - Afrique
01:27 : Juke Joint Ft Tara Hughes - Shake Ya Body
01:31 : Justin Michael - Take Me To The Sky
01:31 : Loco Dice - How Do I Know!
01:33 : Marc Evans - The Way U Love Me
01:37 : Men With Sticks - 3Rd Eye
01:40 : Mike Dunn Pres.Md Xspress - Do Yo
01:45 : Orange Muse - Keep The Funk Alive
01:46 : Panevino - Nobody
01:48 : Q Boyz - Its Ok
01:49 : Rocco - Da Men
01:51 : Roger Sanchez Ft Terri B - Bang That Box
01:52 : Sandy Rivera - Deeper
01:56 : Dario Nunez Ft Ray Isaac - Four To The Floor
01:57 : Dario Nunez Ft Dj Nano - Back One
02:00 : Ministry Of Funk - Way Back
02:02 : The Mole People - Break Night
02:06 : Jersey Soul & Jay Kay - Love Foolosophy
02:08 : Transatlatins - I Cant Live Without Music
02:09 : Alec Wizz - Drummin
02:10 : New York Soul - Fallin
02:14 : Dj Gregory - Afromobile
02:15 : Djb  - Da Capo 09'
02:16 : Alfred Azzetto - Near The Ocean
02:18 : Atfc Ft Lisa Millett - Bad Habit
02:21 : Backroomsounds - Dark Side
02:27 : Central Avenue - For Only You
02:29 : D-Unity - Afrika
02:30 : Deepswing - This Is The Sound
02:31 : Dj Ax & Jhonny Housein - In The Name Of House
02:34 : Dj Chus & Niki B - Hossa
02:36 : M.Woods Ft Inaya Day - Natural High
02:38 : Nagano Kitchen & J.S. - Destination Nagano
02:39 : Ned Shepard & Sultan - Block Party
02:41 : Panevino - The Way I Am
02:44 : Richard Grey - One More Time
02:48 : Roger Sanchez Ftterri B. - Bang That Box
02:49 : Skydrive & Plf Ft Lnewman - I Know Better
02:52 : Soul Avengerz - Drop The Bomb
02:55 : Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster

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B R A V O    Nelson

Tue, Dec 29, 2009 - 1:30am

B R A V O    Nelson Branco!!!  By doing better and You can always pursue perfection!!

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This is a success!! A secret

Sun, Dec 27, 2009 - 11:09pm

This is a success!! A secret of success is to overcome fear of failure!!  Bravo Maestro!!   Hoooooooo!!!!!!

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132 @ ScoutLounge :o)

Sun, Dec 27, 2009 - 4:25pm

Hey You :o)
I so loved hosting you at Scout.  In preparing for the move, I dont get to be here as much as I'd like.  Your compositions are so moving, and always different.  Its wonderful to be present with you as your perform live.  Im looking forward to discussing 132's theme with you.  lol  Thanks Alien Pied Piper :o)

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