Fundamental Elements Part II

The 40th Element..

The 4th ElementI have been asking myself so many questions about my style or what I'm doing here all this years.. Sometimes i go really deep in my thoughts that I don't even see what it should be.. whatever.. It seems to be like I have a various amount types of styles or "Pursuance" has no sense to me.. Some people ask me, how da fuck I do to have so many Styles and Sub-Genres or Variables of Types of Music.. Well to be honest.. i asked myself.. now the result of all this.. if you ask me about my roots.. enjoy not even the amount of Artworks but the Diversity of my Universe I share with you..

"Diversity maybe the way we live our Life the way we Forge our Personality.."  Nelson Branco 2011

Once somebody tell you the right things you have to hear, it motivates you more than ever what your closest Parent or Friend could have told you in your Life.. Open your mind to the possibility that somebody let grow an Idealism sense of your Life in you.. it will be the Key of your own Success.. Opportunity of your own Life..
Somebody told me one day that "It's good to know Yourself a bit.." - I would thank you for that my Friend and dedicate you this sentence PAB.. because knowing Yourself helps.. How diverse your own World will be, it depends only on You and your Creativity, there are no Limits.. The deeper I go the more I know..

It does not matter how we do something but why we do it.. always was this way better and it will always be.. Find a way to know your self better, because when you know what you really Love, you will never get enough of it.. This is my 40th Fundamental Element.. This it's just me..

..It can be funny trying to find a definition of your own style..
...I will end up calling mine just "Icemoon"..