Dub House Highlights

Way back remain the 101A and 101B (or 060, 071 & 100C) Sessions as DUB Variable of HOUSE, the perfect example to give you an idea about the DUB Step related content to my visit to MoS – London.

… I was going to post something like 2 pages of comments related to theses sessions here listed.. but the Dub Variable is very particular to me and there is only one thing we can do in this case, listen to them and tell me your feeling about the Dub House Grooves, there you got my way of expression like no other ,)


Some Quality Notes:
Technically spoken the Audio Processing after the 100er> Series are on
ASIO, previously versions are on WDM Sound Processing.

All my live recorded sessions are recorded and published on my website at 128Kbits (CBR), this is almost relative to a CD Quality (192Kbits). However you can download, save, burn it and play it in your Car or any music player for example, but in a Open Club wouldn't sound good or would be distorted. This is a voluntary qualitative choice to avoid misusing of the content, for the Mix Quality you have to hear it Live or buy a Copy of a Copyrighted Content. Copy-left license does not cover the same rights.

Other Notes:
Radio Shows Sessions are restricted to 60min Live Mix tapes/sessions and they have a small quality particularity but still 128Kbits Quality also Constant Bit rate even if they are released to rebroadcast.